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This is a group of students who actively participates in the activities of ISM marketing. It is not only about organizing and participating at the events of ISM University, communication with future students and their parents during particular events but also preparation of presentations at schools, self-actualization, the perfection of your personal skills and competencies. Students can easily become the part of actions related to marketing planning and implementation.


ESN ISM is a part of Erasmus Student Network, which is the biggest student organization in Europe. ESN ISM aims to help exchange students to integrate in Lithuania, introduce them to the culture and history, organizes various events and trips. ESN ISM gives an opportunity without leaving Lithuania to directly interact with people from all over the world. Get to know more about different cultures, grow your international friends network and learn about a country that you wish to go on exchange to directly from a person who lives there.

For more info contact Artūras Solovejus.


AIESEC is largest youth-run organization present in 125 countries. Enrich your study experience with AIESEC by getting actively involved in the day-to-day running of AIESEC. Here you will develop your communication and business skills while growing your network of contacts. Gain a greater sense of self-awareness your strengths and weaknesses. Take active role in sales, marketing, finance and talent management and gain practical experience there.

For more info contact Artyom Petrov.



For more info contact Mariia Nikandrova.


Fresh air, good company and a sport that not many can be proud of knowing. ISM golf club is a first university golf club in Lithuania which is fastly growing, while giving a unique chance to its members to try the specialties of golf for free at the same time representing their university and creating connections on the golf course.  

If you have the basics, the green card or you’re just really eager to learn and be a part of the team,  contact Karolis Basevičius.


ISM football club is a place where everyone is welcomed, regardless of their experience or level of involvement in the world of football. The mission is to help ISM community members who are interested in playing/watching football to find the opportunity to play football with like-minded people. The final vision is to have a club that could represent ISM university in national or even international tournaments for college and university teams. The current plan is to arrange weekly practices and eventually gather a good team in time for any upcoming tournaments but also to remain a club where even least experienced players could get involved and enjoy what will bring us all together to this club – the love for playing and watching football!

For more info contact Šarūnas Gailinis.


As the name suggests, this is the community of ISM University’s alumni and current students who have an interest in tennis. The purpose of this club is to gather all members of the ISM community who enjoy playing, watching and discussing tennis. Everyone is welcome, regardless of their experience or level of involvement in the world of tennis. We are here to connect with fellow ISM tennis players, plan matches with peers, discuss tennis news, organize trips to tournaments, invite others to tennis events, and engage in all other activities associated with the sport.

For more info contact Paulius Vėželis.


ISM Wake Club is dedicated for our community members who like to spend time together in the cable parks. We organize common wake sessions and wake camps at our partners’ parks, get special deals at partner’s shop. Representing good vibes and friendly atmosphere. Join us at a private FB group: ISM Wake Club.

For more info contact Simonas Pleikys.


One of the most important principles of the debates – understanding that no one cannot have irrefutable approach. ISM Debate Club aims to develop presentational, rhetoric and reasoning skills of the members in the discussions on the most topical and contradictory events, and expand horizons by looking into politics, economics, international relations, morality, philosophy and other subjects. Training sessions take place every week in the internationally recognized British Parliamentary Debating format in english. ISM Debate Club also participates in national and international tournaments. ISM debates were winners of the National debate tournament in 2012 and finalists of Trinity IV 2013 (ESL), MRU IV 2012 and Red Cross Cup 2012.


Here we are striving to form a community around sharing and deepening our knowledge of financial tools, trends and best investment decisions. In order to participate effectively and meaningfully in the club, newcomers are expected to listen to a 10week program. 

For more info contact Giorgi Tvaltadze.

If you want to contribute to the international growth of ISM University, get in touch with us through e-mail or Facebook