Hi, we are ISM SA!

ISM SA is an independent, non – governmental, non-profit making, voluntary students’ organization, established in 2001.

Who we are and what we do

The aim of ISM SA is a quality representation of the students. We stand for your interests in the university and nationwide, collaborate with the administration of ISM university, search for solutions to academic and social problems, organize cultural, entertaining events and conferences. ISM SA members are university students who are able to choose their area of interest: academic affairs, finance, marketing, sales, human resources, events. We cooperate with the business sector, manage projects, therefore, the Students’ Association not only creates added value to the university community, but also grants priceless experiences. Activities inside Students’ Association nurture creativity, consciousness and provide an opportunity to discover yourself!




To you, to your ideas and ideas about us.


We see opportunities in the impossible.


We know where we have been, we know where we are now, and where and how we are heading.


We pursue a common goal together.


We adhere to the highest quality standard.