Scholarship partners

Personalo konsultacijų grupė

We are proud to say that the support for ISM SA‘s Achievement Scholarship has oversteped the boundaries of our university. We are glad that the outside business world recognized the great potential of ISM students and their business ideas. We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to develop our project with true professional – Personalo konsultacijų grupė.

ISM SA Alumni

Achievement scholarship could not have seen the light of day without the moral and financial encouragement of ISM SA Alumni community. This initiative has brought us closer together and once again reminded us how immensely proud we are to be a part of such a strong, idea-driven community.

ISM University of Management and Economics

We are sincerely grateful for all the assistance that ISM University administration has offered to us during the scholarship creation process. Their inspiring example, mentorship and expertise was crucial for the organizational team and idea itself.

“Our company sees value in contributing to the promotion of young talents and innovative projects, therefore we are very proud of being a part of ISM Students Association Achievement scholarship, granted to the most progressive student business initiative.”
Reda Maumevičienė, Founder of PKG


At “Personalo konsultacijų grupė“ we are personnel search and selection professionals with deep knowledge about recruitment market and providing the highest level service for our customers and candidates. We love what we do and are proud of our people and shared values. We are a trusted recruitment partner with the synergy of technology, innovation and teamwork aimed to achieve the highest results.

“I believe in community power to co-create wonderful things in the world. ISM and ISM SA was and still is my community which I appreciate and support, therefore achievement scholarship is just the result of showing how strong we can be together.”
Dalia Miklaševičiūtė, ISM SA Alumni

We express our sincerest gratitude to ISM SA Alumnis who put their trust in the scholarship project:

Saulius Vidrevičius

Emilis Martinavičius

Dalia Miklaševičiūtė

Eimantas Gadrus

Laima Bačiulytė

Greta Radzevičiūtė

Aurimė Launikonytė

Nerijus Baliūnas

Rokas Diedonis

Sigita Andriukevičiūtė