Award procedure

End of Registration
Businesses’ ideas presentation for jury members
Announcing of the winner


1. Who can apply for ISM SA Entrepreneurship Scholarship?
1.1. Bachelor and master programme students of ISM University of Management and Economics (hereinafter – the University) and have no academic failures or punishments;
1.2. ISM graduates who have completed their studies no more than 12 months prior to the date of application for the Entrepreneurship scholarship.

2. What kind of achievement is the scholarship awarded for?
2.1. For a newly emerged business (startup).

3. Applications and the provision of ISM SA Entrepreneurship Scholarship.
3.1. An official application for the scholarship should be provided to ISM SA’s academic affairs committee when ISM SA announces the start of the registration;
3.2. A student who is applying for the ISM SA Entrepreneurship Scholarship must include in one’s application form:
3.2.1. Curriculum Vitae (CV);
3.2.2. Motivation letter which describes the vision, mission, values, strategy and originality of his/her startup. It should also mention already accomplished goals concerning the business and include an explanation of how and where the money of the scholarship would be spent. The motivational letter should not exceed 2000 words;
3.2.3. Documents that prove the candidate’s accomplishments (for example: copies of certificates, diplomas, achievements, records of TV and radio shows, copies of given speeches and so on).
3.3. During the course of the autumn semester a meeting of ISM University of Management and Economics, ISM SA Board’s representatives, ISM SA President and partners of the ISM SA Entrepreneurship Scholarship is held. The commission invites applicants for a motivational interview:
3.3.1. Each applicant is informed individually about the date of one’s interview by ISM SA;
3.3.2. The interview will include a presentation of the business in a free form (10-15 minutes) and questions from the commission;
3.3.3. The commission of ISM SA Entrepreneurship Scholarship will decide whom to provide the scholarship after the motivational interviews;
3.3.4. ISM SA must inform about the decision of the commission and in the term of 30 days sign an agreement with a student who will be provided with ISM SA Entrepreneurship Scholarship. This agreement includes the deadlines in which the activity must be implemented, procedures of transfer and payment, Parties’ responsibilities and other cases;
3.3.5. The receiver of ISM SA Entrepreneurship Scholarship receives the scholarship as soon as he/she provides ISM SA with and official request in which personal details (name, surname, personal ID number, phone number) and bank account number are declared. ISM SA pays the whole amount of 1000 Eur by one payment.

4. ISM SA Entrepreneurship Scholarship is not provided.
4.1. To a student whose startup is directly linked to ISM SA;
4.2. To a student who has already received ISM SA Entrepreneurship Scholarship;
4.3. To a student who has been removed from the list of University students;
4.4. To a student with an unexpired disciplinary measure imposed on them;
4.5. To a student who are on academic leave or have temporarily suspended their studies.

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