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The primary goal of ISM Students Association is to represent ISM students and encourage the things they are passionate about. We want to contribute to the well-being of our community and be the originators of positive change.

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From one student to another our wish is to create projects that would benefit ISM students and create long-term value to the University. We hope that this initiative will bring ISM community even closer together.

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We know how eager students are to get out to the real world of business and start implementing their entrepreneurial skills and knowledge developed in ISM. We are thrilled to be able to support your innovative business ideas and give encouragement to seek for your dreams!


In honour of ISM SA’s 15th birthday anniversary we decided to revive our long-lived dream of creating the first student-initiated entrepreneurial scholarship in Lithuania. Our primary goal is to pay a well-deserved tribute to our talented community and lay a foundation to a meaningful tradition that will hopefully become ISM SA’s legacy to its Alma Mater.

ISM SA Achievement Scholarship – an annual scholarship of 750 euros, assigned for the most unique startup or entrepreneurial project launched by ISM’s bachelor-masters student.

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We try to build our community on mutual trust, respect and appreciation. This award marks the mutual appreciation from student to student.
Prof. dr. Alfredas Chmieliauskas, President of ISM University

“I’m really proud that our own Students Association took the lead in creating this business opportunity. It’s a huge achievement for our community and students that they took the lead themselves.”
Dr. Ivo Matser, CEO of ISM University

“ISM SA’s mission is to encourage community building in ISM University and contribute to the personal and professional growth of every student.”
Gabrielė Motiejūnaitė, President of ISM SA